About the Company

 Our vision is to express an organic mental health existence with an open, aware, and accepted way of including all journeys.

We aim to empower ourselves and us, as a community, to advocate and bring focus to the struggle of mental health. Cultivating inspiration for the journey ahead in light, dark, and health.

Creative exploration is where we happily encapsulate and soothe ourselves, creating something that we hope speaks to you, as much as it means to us.


This is a labor-of-love that started in the Fall of 2019, about a year after Mode's hospitalization, where they had lost their ability to process language, speak, and function in life. Slowly, with so much support and care, they were able to train themself back to a place where they could interact with others and care for themselves again.

Today, we are a team much further along than we could hope for.

Letters From Us



It's hard to feel valid existing in a field of persistent trauma. And finding a way to connect with the self through all facets of mind, body, and spirit is a task that can often feel equally self-disparaging and self-empowering.

I started making candles in Fall 2019 to help me through the painful holiday season, seasonal affective disorder, and recovery from the lingering effects of hospitalization.

This series of candles hopes to call and draw light to the connected experience of mental health as well as support the creative energy of passing along energies through writing.

- Mode




Hi all, 
I’m Jen and I’m inspired by those who have drastically shaped their lives through the difficulties and downfalls of mental health, domestic abuse, and addiction. Throughout my childhood and adult years, creative outlets have helped carry me through my own struggles with mental health which has allowed me to reach a place of well-being now and recently (it wasn’t an easy feat and I’m incredibly proud of every step of progress I’ve made).

In that space, I’ve joined Mode at Mode Korvidae Co. which is a project turned business that advocates for the raw and open experiences of life, bringing attention to the experiences we often hide. I’m so excited to be a part of this extra special project that allows me to exist in awareness of mental health and abuse while exercising my own creative abilities.

We hope to grow alongside all of you and those supporting all our endeavors and roadmaps of dreams. 


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